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By entering these private Web pages you agree that you are an "eligible family member," defined as
an individual or spouse of a descendant of someone listed below and set forth in the yellow-colored pages
of the public genealogy portion of this Web site who agrees to respect the privacy of
living individuals included herein and not to publicly disseminate information on such individuals.


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Descendants of

  John Kirk
    Abigail Travis
  George William Travis
    Bethia Grace Roebuck
  Rev. John Benson
    Margaret Goff Moore
  John Luther Cabot
    Mary Harriet Partridge

Descendants of

  Thorvald Anderson
    Juline Berg
      [also Meldahl]
  Tormund Tormundson
    Elsa Nilsdatter
      [also Thompson
      and Simonson]

Descendants of

  Albert Geerts Dykstra
    Mettje Lieuwes De Jong
  Abraham Paulus Buwalda
    Aaltje Jans Havinga
  Eeltje Jans Kuiper
    Foekje Martens Klaversma
  Gerrit Willems Ruisch
    Lysbeth Paulus Buwalda
  Marselis Van Hemert
    Lyntje Simons
  Alewyn De Heer
    Janna de Zwarte
  Hermanus Weijerse
    Maria Vermaas
  Dirk D. Van Zee
    Pietertje Dekker

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