Associated Finance Company

A Minnesota corporation founded in 1925.


Lien Releases


Looking for a lien release in the United States. It's certainly not ours. It's probably from a company named Associates or Associates Finance?

That's NOT us. It's probably a company infringing on our trademark with a confusingly similar name. You should only deal with reputable companies.*

There is another company legally named Associated Finance Company, but it operates in Japan and the Far East. It is not related to us.

* You may be looking for The Associates, purchased by Citigroup. In 2002 Citigroup settled with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the largest consumer protection settlement in FTC history. Timothy J. Muris, Chairman of the FTC said, "The Commission will not tolerate the fleecing of subprime borrowers through deceptive lending practices ...." Citigroup had inherited this problem when they purchased The Associates in November 2000 and the FTC brought its action in March 2001. (Source: FTC press release dated September 19, 2002.)